Fabricator is ready to roll with the flex circuits, after a looooong game of ping-pong and a few re-work cycles. Getting things right in such tight constraints was not a trivial task. And after more than a year of refinement, the digits should be landing on my bench around this time next month. I think I've pulled it off. The blue circle is a US dime.

This layout will accommodate either of two strategies I have for eliminating the preferential flex plane of the flex circuit. Construction is 4-layer polyimide. The dense nodes will be FR-4, giving the components a rigid mounting plane (durability-enhancement).

The information posted the last time I thought this task was finished is still correct. The design goals and BOM are the same.

The CPLD is ready to accept the digits, and the software is ready to validate them.

I now have one month to be ready to cast them in silicone. So I'll be blendering.